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Vinegar Gas Bags Material Safety Data Sheet

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Product: Stemlock Gas Bag® – Patent # 4,846,278, Patent # 6,619,387B and Patent #6,722,105
Manufactured by: Stemlock, Inc.

This is a self inflating borehole plug, available in a range of sizes that can be used to seal off boreholes 3″ to 24″. Inflation is achieved by the reaction of vinegar and sodium bicarbonate to form carbon dioxide.

Vinegar — food grade in varying strengths
Sodium Bicarbonate — food grade, powdered

The chemicals are contained in individual packages which are then enclosed in special plastic bags and the unit is sealed. Breaking the vinegar pouch starts the reaction, causing the formation of carbon dioxide which inflates the unit and blocks the borehole. There are no special precautions in this operation.

The products contained in each Gas Bag present no special hazard to users. The food grade vinegar may produce a mild skin reaction if the Gas Bag were punctured and the vinegar allowed to escape.

Sodium bicarbonate is common food grade baking soda and might be a mild irritant if inhaled or ingested in quantity, but otherwise is benign.

If vinegar is ingested, consume quantities of water to dilute. Wash vinegar off skin of flush from eyes if splashed in them.

Sodium bicarbonate should be washed off the skin.

Carbon dioxide in the quantities involved presents no health hazard.

Excess sodium bicarbonate is used so that no vinegar remains.