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Depth Gauges

Depth_GuageHarsh conditions call for excellent tools. Challenging projects require specialized equipment. Stemlock Inc., a distributor for Keson® carries Keson Depth Gauge™. The depth gauge’s heavy duty construction makes it resilient in harsh conditions yet lightweight and flexible to allow ease of handling.

Made with a fiberglass strand core surrounded by white P.V.C. and a clear vinyl coating, the depth gauge is heavy duty tough to withstand constant use in mud and water or over abrasive terrain. The printed surface is covered with non-glare textured vinyl for maximum abrasion resistance.

Developed for seismographic measuring, the depth gauge is made with a snap ring to attach a weight and lower to measure depth. Graduations are printed on both sides for easier readability.


25 feet
50 feet
100 feet
200 feet
300 feet