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Max-Blast™ Stemming Plug

Max-Blast™ stemming plugs can help increase fragmentation 20% to 40% while reducing fly rock, air blast, dust and vibration. Widely used in construction, quarrying and mining, Max-Blast are the most effective vinyl bore hole plug on the market. The patented “positive seal" accordion design compresses and forms a seal that prevents explosive gasses from passing up through the stemming material, causing it to bridge and lock up in the bore hole.

Made of flexible vinyl, Max-Blast plugs are quick and easy to install - simply push them into the borehole with a charging pole. They are "friction fit" to stay in place.

Sizes range from 1-1/2" to 6". Smaller sizes are frequently employed in "close in" construction blasting applications, tunneling and underground work. Larger sizes are typically used for production blasting in quarry or mining applications.

How Max-Blast Stemming Plugs Work
Upon detonation, the explosive energy moves the stemming column upward. The center of the column moves faster than the sides due to friction with the borehole wall. The rapidly expanding energy flattens the Max-Blast plug and creates a seal, preventing the gasses from agitating the stemming material. As the column moves upward, the bridging effect of the stemming material locks up and the explosive energy is directed into increasing the fragmentation of the rock.

Max-Blast plugs allow you to load them into the borehole as suits your needs. You can push the plug right up to the explosive or leave space for an Air Deck.

Since these plugs are a "Friction Fit" design they are snug in the borehole. This is very useful when you are loading horizontal holes or upholes.

When you are using expanding type explosives you can set the top depth very easily. Just push the Max-Blast Plug down to the desired depth and let the expanding explosive rise up to it. The Max-Blast Plug will remain as set.

Max-Blast Information Sheet

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